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SafarifoneSafarifone is a world leader in IP calling, wholesale, carrier services, and OSS software development company based in Canada. We have unbeatable prepaid calling cards with excellent voice quality that are available around the world and are sold through our regional and local agents and resellers.

website: www.safarifone.com , email: info@safarifone.com
Toronto, Canada



United Bottling Company (UBC)United Bottling Company (UBC) was incorporated in 2002 in Mogadishu, Somalia. We are licensed to operate in Somalia by Coca-Cola and our core business is to produce, package, distribute and re-establish the presence of their products

website: www.unitedbottling.com , email: info@unitedbottling.com
Mogadishu, Somalia




ZAADZAAD is the most reliable Mobile Money Service in Somaliland. We provide secure, reliable and easy to use Electronic Mobile Transfer that allows our customers to transfer and receive money, purchase products, and pay their bills via their mobile phone.

website: www.zaad.net , email: Info@zaad.net
Hargaisa, Somaliland



Hormuud TelecomHormuud Telecom is the largest telecom company and the biggest employer in Somalia with almost 100% network coverage throughout the country. The company utilizes the latest technology in the industry offering our customer the latest GSM Mobile technology with High-Speed 3G Internet, and International Roaming Services with over 200 Network Operators around the world.

Hormuud Telecom is also the home to the most popular Mobile Money Service in Somalia, the EVC Plus Service, which has revolutionized the way money is managed throughout the country, allowing our customers to send and receive money, purchase products or services, and pay their bills via their mobile phone.

website: www.hortel.net , email: info@hortel.net
Mogadishu, Somalia


Financial Institutions


Salaam African BankSalaam African Bank was established 2008 in Djibouti, the first ever Sharia compliant bank in the country and plan to expand into the East African region. We offer full banking services, Islamic Investment, Islamic Deposits, ATM services, E-banking, and Credit Card Services e.g. MasterCard, Visa Cards, Visa Debit, Visa Electrons.

website: www.banksalaam.com , email: info@banksalaam.com
Djibouti – Republic of Djibouti



Phoenix Commercial BankPhoenix Commercial Bank was established 2012 in Juba, South Sudan, to meet the banking needs of the world’s youngest nation. At present, the bank is one of the major banks that operate in the country, offering full banking services such as: Business and Personal Accounts, Business and Personal Financing, Fund Transfers, Letter of Credit, Letter of Grantee, Debit Card Services, MasterCard, Visa Cards, and E-Banking.

website: www.pxcbank.com , email: info@pxcbank.com
Juba, South Sudan



IPSIPS is a 360º financial consulting company catering to different sectors of industry like financial institutions, banks, corporates, sovereign enterprises etc. IPS has made remarkable contributions in the financial advisory and consulting arena with the help of expertise gained from configuring complex structures of financial institutions and advisory firms.

website: www.ips.com.bh , email: admin@ips.com.bh
Manama, Bahrain



Taaj servicesTaaj services is a worldwide money transfer company with operations in many countries and interlink existing payment service institutions throughout the world. Since its incorporation in the early 2000’s the company has earned a desirable reputation as a market leader by paying careful attention to details.  It is one of the fastest growing MSB company that impacts millions of lives every day. Our locations are within reach wherever and whenever you need to send money to your family, friends and relatives. With 100s of agents available in every continent.

website: www.taajservices.com , email: info@taajservices.com
Dubai, United Arab Emirates



Other Sectors


GascomAt Gascom we are passionate about energy and our customers. We provide LPG for homes and businesses throughout Somalia and pride ourselves in providing environment-friendly fuels. Through our expertise and advanced technology we continually strive to deliver better, safer and more reliable ways to meet your energy needs.

website: www.gascom.so , email: info@gascom.so
Mogadishu, Somalia



Banadir Electricity Company (BECO)Banadir Electricity Company (BECO) is the largest electricity provider in Mogadishu. BECO has more than 3,000 employees serving an estimated 1.5 million customers in the Somalia.

website: www.banadirelectric.com, email: info@banadirelectric.com
Mogadishu, Somalia




Al Buruuj Company is a Consultancy & Construction firm based in Djibouti and Mogadishu, Somalia. We have a team of experienced Engineers, Surveyors and Architects. We undertake constructional contracts, providing full project consultancy, planning, and management.

website: www.alburuuj.com , email: info@alburuuj.com
Djibouti – Republic of Djibouti



Swift StevedoringSwift Stevedoring is a private limited company that operates at all Djibouti ports, handling all types of cargo including bulk cargo and grab hire, log loading, timber products, break-bulk cargos, heavy lift cargos, container handling and logistics.

website: www.swiftstevedoring.com , email info@swiftstevedoring.com
Djibouti – Republic of Djibouti



For all the printing requirements and specialist printing servicec like Security printings e.g lottery tickets, cheques, pass books, national examination booklets, Artistic Printing offers you a one stop shop. We are located in the heart of Addis Abeba

website: www.artisticprintingethio.com, email: info@artisticprintingethio.com
Addis Abeba – Ethiopia



The leading Builder’s merchant in the horn of Africa offers you a one stop building experience all under one roof

Email: ak.brico7@yahoo.com
Djibouti – Djibouti




It is quite natural that all cargo discharged from ships cannot be immediately transferred. The Port is a transit point and not a storage area. In order to cope with the heavy traffic to Ethiopia; some companies import their goods into the free zone for eventual re-export to Ethiopia and other countries. Ukab Holdings, a visionary logistics group, arranged a suitable free zone facility near to the two major ports of Djibouti and will offer full facility of modern free zone. Attached herewith is the outlay of the facility, the first phase of which is completed.

www.swiftstevedoring.com , email info@swiftstevedoring.com
Djibouti – Republic of Djibouti


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