Welcome to Salaam Group, the fastest growing investor company in Africa, cementing our position as one of the most valued investor company in the region and many parts of the world.

Our diversified investment portfolio consists of the following sectors: Telecom, Banking, Energy, Mobile Money Services, Real Estate, Trade and Logistics that spans across the African continent.

Our strategy focuses on identifying and taking over under performing or under valued businesses and assets, as well as starting up new businesses with potential return on investment.


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Message from the CEO

  • The situation in the horn of Africa, which has long been effected by political instability, is now more hopeful than ever before. There are now greater chances that the region is on the path towards long-term peace and stability. Investor confidence is growing, and new opportunities for businesses are emerging. We can be proud of ourselves to overcome those challenges and now look forward to expand globally.

    Our vision has always remained the same, to invest in businesses that are morally and ethically acceptable with clean and


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