Global Entrepreneurship Training
2016 Southern Africa : Zimbabwe
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About GET



The Global Entreprenuership Training (GET) programme is designed to assist developing countries build the capacity of their people ranging from University and College graduates to professionals and local communities.

The GET Programme will be run by the Harare Institute of Technology's School of Business and Management Sciences in conjunction with Handong Global University of South Korea. It is funded by the Korean government and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO).


Programme Objective

The GET programme builds capacity for sustainable development in developing countries, inculcating the entrepreneurship mind-set among citizens – thus giving incentives and nourishing the capacity for development. Entrepreneurship plants hope in people, as such participants shall experience its spirit, learn the basic tools necessary to start sustainable businesses, compete in the business plan formulation and have a chance to network with entrepreneurs from other countries for possible multi-national ventures in the future. It also provides a platform to access funding for entrepreneurs with brilliant business ideas.


GET Profile

Sustainable Development requires a strong incentive which comes from hope, the hope of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel within one’s lifetime.
Global Entreprenuership Training (GET) is to help the future teachers, planners, and prospective entrepreneurs in developing countries learn entrepre-neurship through experience, so that they may in turn relay it to other people. It is a program designed to help establish the capacity for sustainable development among the developing countries, to allow them to catch up with developed countries.

GET is a detonator that will initiate the process to build the capability for sustainable development for the developing countries by planting a seed of hope in the minds of their people.

GET Ethopia- Addis Abbaba University of Technology 2015.


Senior Entrepreneurship Executive Training Programme (SEET) Profile

The SEET programme will be held from 1 - 2 February 2016 and is targeted at senior government officials and private sector executives.


The programme aims to:

  1. Build the capability for sustainable development for developing countries by planting a seed of hope in the minds of the people.
  2. Open new avenues of opportunity for our leaders in Industry, Government and Civil Society as they receive hands-on training in the field that will bring empowerment to our people.
  3. Motivate participants to reach their maximum potential as they participate in this life changing opportunity.


Highly qualified and experienced academics and practitioners from Zimbabwe and South Korea will facilitate discussions.

For organisations/individuals willing to participate in this event, various sponsorship opportunities are on offer.

Sponsoring participants will have the opportunity to advertise their products and services during this event which also provides a platform for networking. Further details on advertising will be made available upon request.


GET History


GET 2008 - Korea

GET 2009 - Kenya

GET 2009 - Mongolia

GET 2010 - Cambodia

GET 2010 - East Africa

GET 2011 - East Africa

GET 2012 - West Africa

GET 2012 - South America

GET 2013 - West Africa



Prof G. Kim

Prof G. Kim

Specialist in Entrepreneurship Mind-set, Impact of Entrepreneurship and Creative Innovation, Start-up Business and Effective Business Plan and Business Ethics

Prof Y. Lee

Prof Y. Lee

Specialist in Entrepreneurial Finance and Accounting, Raising Capital and International Business

Prof E Purnell

Prof E Purnell

Specialist in Business Law, Business Ethics, Intellectual Property

Dr M Chanakira

Dr M Chanakira

Specialist in Design Thinking

Mr W Gwarimbo

Mr W Gwarimbo

Specialist in Financial Strategy and Innovation

Mr A Makasi

Mr A Makasi

Specialist in Marketing Strategy and

Ms M Masunda

Ms M Masunda

Specialist in Marketing and
Business Communication

Mr W Ukama

Mr W Ukama

Specialist in Global Development and Entrepreneurship



The GET is a week-long, intensive entrepreneurship training programe. It is to offer prospective leaders in developing countries an opportunity to experience the entrepreneurship mindset so they may change to an entrepreneur as well as learning how to start a new enterprise in the process. The ultimate goal of the GET programme is to help empower the participants to contribute in the development of their and other developing countries, and help to rid poverty and hunger and bring about peace and prosperity in the world.

Soon Heung Chang, Ph.D. President, Handong Global University


The participants of “GET 2015 in Ethopia” are fortunate enough to get the full benefit of the extensive experience and the knowledge base which handong global university has accumulated through GEEP (Global Entrepreneurship Education Programme) in various regions of the globe for the past 8 years. The highly experienced and illustrious professors of Handong Global University, who are being supported by the highly qualified staff members and young but energetic student volunteers both from HGU and AaiT, will no doubt be able to provide each and every participant a once-in-a-lifetime learning experience in the field of entrepreneurship.

Young Kyun Kim, Ph.D. Scientific Director of AaiT, Vice President of Addis Ababa University

Programme Content


  • Entrepreneurship Mind-set
  • Impact of Entrepreneurship and Creative Innovation
  • Intellectual Property
  • Idea to Business
  • Raising Capital
  • Strategic Planning
  • International Business
  • Business Ethics
  • Entrepreneurial Finance and accounting
  • Business Law
  • Start-up Business and Business Plan
  • Start-up Finance
  • E-Commerce
  • Marketing and Business Communication
  • Design Thinking

Global Entrepreneurship Training Programmes

Event 1: Entrepreneurship Training
Date: 25 to 30 January 2016
Registration: 24 January 2016
Time: 0800 - 2100 Hours
A certificate of attendance will be issued to successful candidates.

Event 2: Senior Government Officials & Private
Sector Executives
Date: 1 to 2 February 2016
Time: 0800 - 1600 Hours

Event 3: Junior Entrepreneur Participants
Dates: 1 to 2 February 2016
Time: 0800 - 1630 Hours
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Prospective participants will be required to pay for the following fees:

  • Application fee of US$10
  • Participation fee of US$90 upon enrolment into the programme.

Learning Materials, Regalia, Food and Non-Alcoholic Beverages costs shall be borne by HIT and her partners.


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